There are two sides to every story and twelve version of a song...

Het repertoire bestaat voornamelijk uit originele traditionele Ierse folk- en pubsongs.

Ons huidige repertoire, altijd in beweging:

01 John Kanakanaka
02 Cockels and Mussels
03 Roll Alabama Roll
04 The Rare Ould Times
05 Johnny I hardly knew ye
06 Manchester Rambler
07 Wild Rover
08 Blow the Man Dow
09 Red is the Rose
10 The Fields of Athenry
11 Farewell to Carlingford
12 Dirty old town
13 Mursheen Durking
14 Working man
15 Don't give up till it's over
16 Fiddlers Green
18 The Town I loved so Well
19 The Drunken Sailor
28 Black Velvet Bank
30 The Leaving of Liverpool
38 Whiskey in the Jar
39 When the boys
55 Maggie May